Thornhill School of Suzuki String Teaching


The Suzuki Method or Talent Education is both a teaching method and a philosophy of life and raising children.  The idea began in Japan over thirty years ago with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s observation that children all over the world learn to speak their mother tongue perfectly --- an incredibly complex task.  Infants are constantly exposed to their native language in the home environment, and as they begin to speak, their attempts are encouraged and reinforce by loving parents.

This method uses these same processes to develop the skills to play a musical instrument.  Children are exposed to a fine musical environment by listening to recordings in their home and by observing other students in group lessons.  Their efforts to develop skills in playing an instrument are encouraged by the parent with loving guidance in co-operation with the teacher.

The Thornhill School of Suzuki String Teaching offers lessons in violin, viola, and cello using the Suzuki method of instruction supported by the syllabi and materials of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Core Suzuki program consists of individual lessons, group lessons, as well as reading, theory and ensemble work as the student advances

Advanced program consists of individual lessons, skills classes, masterclasses with coaching by faculty pianists, theory and history studies

All students can participate in recitals, group concerts, community concerts, music festivals, and music examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music are possible.


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